Cynthia: My Vision for Glasses

We were sitting around the office talking about how to make our eyewear project a reality. I realized that the thing that's restricting about optical frames is how people always wear the same pair?! It feels so antiquated. I wanted to be able to offer people the ability to have an eyewear arsenal and think of eyewear as fashion rather than just a necessity.

The price of most quality frames prevents people from buying multiple pairs. You don't wear the same shoes every day so why not exercise the same freedom with eyewear? This Rowley Care option is essentially fashion insurance. The program gives you the ability to change up your eyewear at a reduced price while also helping you out if you should lose or break your frames. (or leave them in a taxi. D'oh!).

We've established our own version of fashion insurance

How it works

Join rowley Care

After purchasing your first pair of full-price glasses, you can pay $50 right now for our annual membership.

Receive 50% off

Throughout the year, you can buy as many frames as you want for 50% off the regular price. If you break a pair, buy a new one at 50% off. If you simply want a change, buy a second pair at 50% off. If you still want to switch it up, buy a third pair at 50% off. Also, receive exclusive content and other special offers from us as a Rowley Care member.

Get More Flexibility

We know that prescriptions can change, so Rowley Care allows for two prescriptions to be associated with your account. More flexibility for you.

The bottom line:

Receive 50% off your subsequent eyewear purchases. Be fashionable, take risks,
and change your eyewear wardrobe as
often as you’d like. Enjoy!

The fine print

Rowley Care is available at a price of $50 for one year. Your annual coverage begins the day you sign up and will be active for 365 days after signup.

Rowley Care will auto renew at the end of the one-year cycle unless you choose to opt out.